The design of outsoles is the key to how you feel about the shoes and how comfortable they are. Based on the features of children’s feet, we specially designed the front soles slightly wider to fit children’s growing feet and made the heels tighter to prevent the shoes from swinging around the feet. We use the 55°- hardness phylon on the midsoles to balance the comfort and bounce. The bare feet shaped foam outsoles make our shoes more ergonomics.

According to the legend of wild Siberia there is a wild man-like creature named CHUCHUNA, also known as Big Foot. Those illusive creatures are as tall as a tree and covered with thick fur, but these giants are extremely timid and friendly. CHUCHUNA understand the language of animals and birds, and they love kids and are known as the protector of children…

Our designs have always been the combination of technique and technology since the very beginning. We produce unique children products by enhancing the fitness and the comfort with modern craft and technology, combined with the structure of classic styles and the use of material. 
We respect and love to use traditional techniques and materials so that we can make our products unique and more considerate with better quality.

Flyknit is a modern and convenient knitting process. With our rich experience of the flyknit technique, we integrate it into our classic style to develop more exciting and innovative products.

By using poly filament made of recycled PET bottles, we use 100% of the recycled materials to save energy in an efficient and eco-friendly way.

 OrthoLite provides the single most cost effective solution to enhance the comfort, performance, and long term cushioning while creating a cooler drier, healthier environment in every shoe!

Like adults shoes, every pair of our shoes is assembled meticulously with over 30 parts. Every part has been carefully designed and repeatedly modified to assure its taste and quality.